Products & Solutions


True Tech Solutions is a growing company in ICT industry. We provide following Information & Communication Technology products and services:

  • Turnkey IT Infrastructures
  • Software Development
  • IT & Telecommunication Supplies
  • Security and Surveillance Solutions
  • Test & Measurement Solutions
  • Project Management, Project Design, Supervision & Finalization
  • Power & Infrastructure Development
  • UPS, Inverters, Voltage Regulators and Rectifier supplies
  • Fiber Optics Network Planning, Deployment and Maintenance
  • Communication and Wireless Equipment Installation

At True Tech Solutions, our key focus is our Customers’ business success. We understand our customers need to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve productivity. With our expertise in design, installation, maintenance and management of Enterprise solutions, wired and wireless communication networks and applications, the possibilities are limitless!

In today’s rapidly changing business environment; an effective, high quality, and reliable system of communication is your key to success. New communication technologies can make your company more efficient, improve customer service and enrich your bottom line. Therefore, TrueTech Solutions is uniquely positioned not only to identify your specific needs, but to solve all your ICT related problems with state-of-the-art services.

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