RFID Library Management Solution

True Tech Solutions Offers a complete Library Information Systems include Integrated Library Management System, Library RFID System, Digital Library System, Access Control System, Digital Signage system, Reading Logs System and so on…

Key Benefits

  • Single technology for identification and anti theft management of the library.
  •  Alert immediately if someone tries to take our un-borrowed boobs and items.
  • Students can issue and return books by themselves
  • Able to return books in off hours
  • Provide Value Added Customer Service instead of manual daily routine
  • Speeds up book check-out / check-in & Frees staff to better service to patrons
  • No more book handling: just pass the reader across shelved books to perform an instant inventory.
  • Easily manage library catalogue, circulation, memberships, inventory and access OPAC

Solution Key Components

  • RFID Tags for books
  • RFID Gates for EAS
  • Access Control System
  • Self Check-in & Check-out
  • Staff Station Units
  • Smart Book Drop
  • Shelf & Inventory Management
  • Patron Card Production System
  • Catalogue & Circulation
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Series & Acquisition
  • Message Delivery
  • Digital file Management

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