Professional Shredding & Degaussing Solutions

The storage media containing our confidential data and information are varied. Along with paper and classic data media, digital data media now also play a major role. We offer professional shredding, reduction, compacting and data security degaussing systems for Corporate, banks, telecom, insurance, Government bureau, Security bureau, security providers, IT logistic, police and military departments who need to shred their confidential data and national security information in paper, optical magnetic and electronic devices.

Our Solutions

Data Security Degaussing Solutions

  • Erase the confidential digital information from your hard drives and magnetic based storage devices.
  • Only solution to degauss two hard drives at the same time.
  • Our solutions can erase large capacity, high density magnetic media hard drives quickly, uniformly and at once.
  • Processes up to 800 media devices per hour.

High Capacity Shredders & Balers

  • Complete and compact waste disposal stations reducing the waste size up to 70%
  • Multi functional, able to shred large amount of paper, optical, magnetic, electronic media and films and materials
  • Different cutting sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Precise cutting tools guarantee highest throughput, reducing shaft wear and power consumption
  • User friendly centralized control panel requires minimal personnel

Our Partners